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Q. What does the word "halal" mean?

A. The word "halal" means that which is permissible or lawful by God. Contrary to what many people believe, halal is not only limited to what Muslims can eat or drink. It extends to everything we do in life.

The opposite of the word "halal" is the word "haram", which means that which is forbidden or unlawful. In everything we do in life, we should strive to follow halal means and avoid haram ones in order to please God and to achieve success in this world and in the hereafter. 

Q. What is the Halal and Wholesome vitamins and dietary supplements collection?

A. The Halal and Wholesome collection is a line of high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements manufactured in Canada in GMP-compliant facilities registered with Health Canada and the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

All products are registered with Health Canada and carry a national product number (NPN). The entire collection is certified halal by the Halal Advisory Group (HAG) in Canada. 

Q. Why is it important to look for halal vitamins and dietary supplements?

A. While laws in most countries require manufacturers to list all active and inactive ingredients on the product label, it is not required by law to disclose the source of those ingredients.

Many vitamins and dietary supplements contain gelatin or glycerin obtained from porcine sources (pigs). Other products contain alcohol. Prohibited ingredients are not limited to gelatin, glycerin or alcohol. It extends to include coloring agents and other inactive ingredients such as magnesium stearate, which can be derived from either a vegetarian source or from an animal source.

Purchasing halal-certified products ensure that they do not contain alcohol, ingredients derived from a porcine origin or any other forbidden ingredients. So you no longer have to worry about looking up the product online or calling the manufacturer to inquire about the source of ingredients.

Using halal-certified products gives you peace of mind and allows you to nourish your body with high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements while purifying your soul by doing so the halal way! 

Q. How can I ensure that your products are halal?

A. The Halal and Wholesome vitamins and dietary supplements collection is certified halal by the Halal Advisory Group in Canada. Each bottle has the halal logo on the back. For more information about the Halal Advisory Group, please click here to visit their website and feel free to contact us for any extra credentials.

Q. What are the sources of the ingredients used in your products?

A. None of our products contain pork products or alcohol. The gelatin used to make capsules for our fish oil formulation is derived from a halal bovine source, meaning it's extracted from cows slaughtered according to Islamic principles. Other ingredients such as glycerin and magnesium stearate are derived from vegetarian sources. 

Q. Which organization issues your halal certificates? 

A. The Halal and Wholesome collection is certified halal by the Halal Advisory Group in Canada. Certificates are renewed every year to ensure that manufacturers maintain the stringent requirements of the Halal Advisory Group. Please click here to visit their website.

Q. What does the acronym SPC in your company's name stand for?

A. SPC stands for "Single Person Company". It is a type of limited liability corporations in the Kingdom of Bahrain, where Halal Living SPC is registered. We use the acronym SPC to distinguish between our company and halal living as a lifestyle. 

Q. What is the mission of your company?

A. Our mission at Halal Living SPC is to empower you to embrace halal living as a complete way of life while striking a balance between nourishing your body and purifying your soul.

Q. What are your core principles?

A. We have adopted four core principles that represent the corner stones of our company:

  1. Adhering to halal business practices in our organization
  2. Committing to the highest standards of quality when creating halal products
  3. Giving back to those in need
  4. Promoting sustainability to protect our planet

Q. What initiatives are you taking to accomplish your mission?

A. In order to accomplish our mission, we are taking the following initiatives:

1. Creating online platforms to empower Muslims throughout the world to embrace halal living as a complete way of life

 2. Introducing high-quality, halal-certified products to help Muslims strike a balance between nourishing their bodies and purifying their souls

3. Supporting humanitarian causes, halal living initiatives and sustainability efforts

Q.  What are your terms of service?

A. Please visit our Terms of Service page to learn more.

Q. What is your return and refund policy?

A. Please visit our Refunds Policy page to learn more.

Q. How do you use my information and how can I ensure that my privacy is protected? 

A. Protecting your private information is an absolute priority for us and we've created a detailed privacy plan to ensure that your privacy is protected. We also use highly-secure SSL certificates to ensure maximum security when you browse our website and exchange any potential information.

Please visit our Privacy Policy page to learn more about how we use the information you provide us and the measures we have taken to protect it.

Q. How can I contact you for questions or feedback?

A. We would love to hear from you if you have questions, comments or feedback. 

You can email us anytime at: contact@halalliving.com

Or you may also call us at: 1-800-215-1603 (toll free in the USA and Canada)

Alternatively, you can send your mail to us at our North American Branch Office in Canada at the following address:

Halal Living SPC - North America Branch Office
55 Village Centre Place, Suite #200
Mississauga, ON L4Z1V9

You can send your mail to us at our corporate headquarters in Bahrain at the following address:

Halal Living SPC
Level 22, West Tower, Bahrain Financial Harbor
King Faisal Highway
PO Box 20705

Manama, Bahrain

Please don't hesitate to let us know if you have any questions or concerns.