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Halal Certified Vitamins | Halal Vitamins Collection | Halal Living SPC

Striking a balance between nourishing our bodies and purifying our souls requires taking good care of our bodies using halal means that are pleasing to our Creator. Maintaining a strong and healthy body requires adequate sleep, healthy diet and regular exercise.

However, eating a healthy diet can be sometimes challenging, especially with the busy lifestyle most of us lead. Taking vitamins and dietary supplements is a good way to ensure that we get all the important nutrients our bodies need, although it is important to note that vitamins and dietary supplements should only complement our diet and should not replace healthy diet and regular exercise.

Consuming halal-certified vitamins and dietary supplements ensures that we nourish our bodies using ingredients that have been deemed halal by a halal-certifying authority while avoiding any forbidden ingredients such as alcohol or pork.

Towards this end, we've created Halal and Wholesome, a high-quality, halal-certified line of vitamins and dietary supplements. It is the first product line we are introducing to the market in order to help you and your family lead healthy and wholesome lives.

We currently offer the following halal-certified products:

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Key features of the Halal and Wholesome vitamins and dietary supplements collection:

  • Halal-Certified Products - Our entire line of Halal and Wholesome vitamins & dietary supplements is halal-certified by the Halal Advisory Group in Canada. This means that none of our products contain alcohol, pork or any other ingredients prohibited in Islam. 
  • Manufactured in Canada in GMP-Certified Facilities - The Halal and Wholesome collection is made in Canada in Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)-compliant facilities registered with Health Canada and the U.S. Food & Drug Administration.
  • Licensed by Health Canada - Each product is licensed by Health Canada. This ensures that only high-quality ingredients and scientifically tested & proven formulations are used to create our products.
  • Economic Packages with Longer Day-Supply - Most of our products are offered as a three-month supply or longer. This makes our products more affordable, and it also reduces the number of plastic bottles used per year which minimizes the impact on the environment. All bottles are 100% recyclable, and we encourage everyone to recycle bottles after use.
  • Discounts and Free Shipping - The Halal and Wholesome Collection is now available in Canada. We offer free nationwide shipping within Canada in addition to several discounts. We also offer tiered discounts with 10% off any 3-4 bottles (discount auto-applied), 15% off any 5-6 bottles, and 20% off any 7 or more bottles. Our aim is to encourage people to place less orders per year, minimizing the amount of fuel used to deliver their products. This minimizes our impact on the environment by decreasing our carbon footprint.
  • A Dollar is Donated for Every Bottle You Buy - For each product you buy, one dollar will go to feed a needy family, treat a sick person, educate a child, plant a tree, dig a well, or put a solar panel on the top of a mosque. 

    Please visit our store to learn more about each product. We will continue to add new products to support your needs. Please let us know if you would like us to add a specific product to our existing collection.