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As an American Muslim who received his pharmacy training in the United States, I grew accustomed to checking the labels of all medications to make sure they didn’t contain any non-halal ingredients. I knew from experience that many pharmaceutical preparations contained alcohol or other ingredients derived from a porcine source (pigs).

While regulatory authorities require manufacturers to list all the ingredients in their formulations on the product label, they don't require them to disclose the source of ingredients.

So, while a manufacturer selling fish oil capsules must list the gelatin used to make the capsules on the product label, it is not required to disclose the source of the gelatin.

Most gelatin capsules manufactured in Western countries are made from a porcine source, or at least contain some porcine gelatin. So unless the source of gelatin is clearly stated on the label (vegetarian, bovine, fish, kosher, etc.), it is most likely sourced from pigs. 


As I started practicing pharmacy and interacting with Muslim patients and consumers, I realized that many of them are not aware of this issue. While Muslims make sure they consume halal food and drinks that do not contain any forbidden ingredients such as alcohol or pork, most of them are not aware the medications they consume on a daily basis may contain some of these same ingredients. When a Muslim consumer reads the ingredients on a bottle of supplements for instance, he/she may find ingredients such as gelatin, glycerin, magnesium stearate, etc. If the source of these ingredients is not listed on the label and if the consumers are not aware that many of these ingredients are derived from non-halal sources, they wouldn't realize that some of the medications and supplements they are consuming every day are not halal. 


The first step I took towards addressing this problem was starting Halal Living SPC, with the sole mission of empowering you to embrace halal living as a complete way of life while striking a balance between nourishing your body and purifying your soul.

In order to achieve this mission, our team set out to create halal-certified products in order to increase awareness and to fulfill those unmet needs. Given my area of expertise, we decided to start with a line of halal vitamins and dietary supplements. We chose a great manufacturer in Canada to formulate truly high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements (testimonials here), which have also been fully halal certified by a reputable halal-certifying authority.


This is the story which lead to the creation of the Halal and Wholesome collection, a line of high-quality vitamins and dietary supplements, which is manufactured in Canada and certified halal by the Halal Advisory Group in Canada. Please visit our Halal and Wholesome collection page to learn more.


For me, embracing halal living as a complete way of life means that as Muslims, we should all strive to do everything in a halal way that is pleasing to Allah. This includes doing our best to promote sustainability and protect the environment. It also includes giving back to those in need as a token of appreciation for everything Allah has blessed us with. I would like to invite you to join the growing community of Muslim brothers and sisters who strive to embrace this complete way of life.


Dr. Ahmed Zikri
Founder and CEO
Halal Living SPC


Our mission is to empower you to embrace halal living as a complete way of life while striking a balance between nourishing your body and purifying your soul.  


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